The Company

Atamira Dance Company is the leading creator and presenter of Maori contemporary dance theatre of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Our work embodies the essence of our unique landscape shaped by the cultural identity of our people and their stories. Our choreographers, dancers and designers reflect the diverse cross-section of voices in Aotearoa today through the artistic expression of our rural and urban backgrounds. 

The company creates compelling, high quality Maori contemporary dance theatre that reaches out to audiences and reflects the many aspirations of our Mana Whenua. Founded in 2000 as a response to the need for a platform for Maori urban identity through dance in New Zealand, the collective vision and history of Atamira Dance Company through the support of its community and supporters has continued its rapid rise as a world force in indigenous contemporary performing arts. 

Atamira Dance Collective Charitable Trust was formed in July 2007 to foster and promote Maori Contemporary Dance. 
The current trustees are:
Moana Nepia (Chairman)
Wendy Preston
Dolina Wehipeihana
Kelly Nash (Dancer representative)

Our Supporters